How Designer Plants Helps Your Yard Go From Drab to Fab

In a Nutshell

  • Client: Resident
  • Products used: Luxury Green Tropics Artificial Green Wall
  • Budget: $3000
  • Results:
    • Made an immediate impact on the space 
    • Created an inviting and relaxing environment
    • Eliminated the high-maintenance requirements

Before Our Collaboration



A client from Western Australia approached Designer Plants to enquire about a potential poolside transformation. He’d had an idea of using artificial greenery to inject a tropical vibe in his yard so that he could get the most out of his pool in the summertime.

The Problem

After installing a pool in his yard, our client noticed that the surrounding environment wasn’t conducive to the aesthetic he wanted to convey. His yard was bounded by a steel fence that took away from the calming ambiance and presented a distraction both for him and his guests.

His issue was twofold:

  1. He wanted a no-frills alternative to plants 
  2. He needed a covering for his steel fencing

He knew he wanted to envelop his yard in greenery early on. Yet, he was skeptical about adding more real plants into the mix because his existing greenery was high-maintenance. As a busy working man, he didn’t have excess time to dedicate to pruning and trimming, nor was he interested in cleaning out the leaf fallout from the pool.

During The Process


So what should a man do?

Well, he turns to trusty Google and starts looking for a solution to his woes. He searched far and wide for decorations to conceal his unsightly fence. Aside from this, he read up on how artificial green walls contribute to a tropical atmosphere.

Luckily, he came across Designer Plants after reading a few of our blog posts about decorating yards with artificial greenery. According to him, he decided to contact us after discovering that our faux vertical gardens are:

  • 100% recyclable 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Require minimal upkeep 
  • Customizable and versatile

He decided right then and there and immediately sought our team’s help. We gave our expert recommendations and helped the client choose his fauxliege - the Luxury Green Tropics artificial green wall. We believed this product would add much-needed depth and texture to the poolside, and we were right.

The Solution

The panel choice was obvious. The client wanted realistic flora made from durable materials to evince a tropical ambiance during the summer months. As this is a residential property, we need to keep replacements to a minimum. Hence came the choice of an artificial garden panel that’s guaranteed to last at least 5 years.

The walls that needed beautification wrapped around the client’s entire pool. This meant that our panels had to be joined together and customized to cover every empty space and homely area.

After learning the straightforward installation process, our ambitious customer undertook the project by himself. So, after surveying the area, he realized he couldn’t attach the panels directly onto the fencing because the screws would come out from the other side.

To remedy this, he installed timber palings to stabilize the panels and keep them upright. Then, he put each panel up and joined them together, customizing them to achieve his vision. This proved to be such a great choice that the area looked like it had been ripped straight from a rainforest.

After It’s Done

transformed pool area with fake green walls

The client worked tirelessly to install his green wall panels on the bespoke fencing around his pool. He completed the project after a few days and sent us the stunning result.

He remarked on the visual improvement of his outdoor area and was over the moon about making his dreams a reality. Besides enlivening his poolside, our lush faux green walls added character and personality to the yard, wiping out any lingering monotony.

As this area should foster relaxation and tranquility, the new decorative elements will allow the client to revel in a personal oasis for years to come. His entire family will live in the lap of luxury with a budget of $3000 and no unnecessary expenditures.

Next Steps

Our Australian client loved what Designer Plants concocted and is now looking forward to adding more fake greenery. Having exerted very little energy into maintaining the fauxliege, he doubts he’d ever go back to using natural plants again.

The client reported feeling relaxed when lounging by the pool because the environment whisks him away to a tropical beach far, far away. Aside from this, he expressed amazement at how beautiful and evergreen the Green Tropics faux vertical garden is. And we must say, we know what he means - it’s hard to take your eyes off such a captivating addition to your yard.

If you’re interested in beautifying your own yard, our expert team at Designer Plants is always available for a chat. Tell us your vision, and we’ll get to work!
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