What's the Best Artificial Greenery for Your Pool Area?

Summer’s fast approaching, and so is our craving for a refreshing dip into the pool!

You got your sunglasses on and bought fresh new swimwear to try out. Your friends are on their way and the grill’s up and running.

While that’s all well and good, have you looked at your poor area lately? After a harsh winter, it might look like a barren wasteland, devoid of any life, and we can’t have that (and neither can your guests).

Fear not, fellow pool enthusiasts because we’ve got just the thing for you - a touch of nature to eliminate all the ugliness. But let's be real, no one has the time or will to maintain real plants overhanging the pool under the scorching sun all summer long. And this is where artificial greenery comes in!

With the striking advancements in technology, you can get lifelike plants with no maintenance that look great year-round.

Ready to have your guests think they stumbled upon a hidden tropical paradise? Keep reading!

Types of Fake Plants to Spruce Up Your Pool Area

If you’re committed to revamping your pool area, propping up one or two artificial greenery wall panels outdoors won’t be enough to achieve the look you want.

Instead, you’ll need to be purposeful with your decorating and determine which faux greenery would look best in your space, especially if you’re going for a certain aesthetic.

Artificial Privacy Hedges

artificial privacy hedge on pool

Although there are a million options for decking your pool area in fake greenery, none are as all-encompassing and serviceable as artificial boxwood hedges. Not only are faux hedges ideal for increasing your privacy and safety outdoors, but they’re also easy on the eyes.

Fake privacy hedges will shield you from unwanted attention and pesky neighbors peeking into your yard. For the best results, you should pick a hedge that’s taller and mimics tightly branched evergreens, like our UV-resistant freestanding Ligustrum Ficus.

Fake Topiary

faux topiary balls

If artificial green wall panels aren’t your cup of tea, faux topiaries will help you achieve a polished and chic look for your unique pool area. At Designer Plants, we offer stunning and classic topiary balls that don’t require any pruning (because they don’t grow!) and can come in sets of two or three.

Since the best fake topiary is made from the highest-quality materials and is UV protected, you won't have to worry about it fading by the end of the summer. In fact, it’ll look just as good in the next few tears as it did at the beginning!

Faux Vertical Gardens

artificial vertical gardens

For smaller pool areas, there’s little room to get creative. If this is the case, turn your attention toward artificial vertical garden panels that inject beauty and elegance into the tightest spaces.

Since you’re decorating vertically, you have the freedom to customize the type of fauxliege you want. For example, you can opt for a luxury fake green wall that resembles tropical vegetation or something a bit simpler that serves as an addition rather than the main attraction.

Artificial Green Wall Discs

artificial green wall disc

Last but not least, you can also decorate with artificial foliage that doesn’t take up a whole wall. Some pool areas call for a small embellishment with a lot of charm, which makes fake green wall discs the perfect addition.

With the pop of color they provide, faux green wall discs can fit virtually any aesthetic. You can mix discs in different sizes and use them as a decorative accent on a fence around your pool or the patio overlooking the area.

Why Do You Need Poolside Greenery?

Aside from the many benefits of outdoor artificial greenery, adding fauxliege to your pool area achieves a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Here are a few reasons why you may consider weaving artificial greenery wall panels around your pool:

Provides Shade

When the sun’s shining, there’s nothing better than splashing in your home pool. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays is uncomfortable and outright dangerous for your skin and overall health.

In this case, artificial greenery can be a godsend in that it adds a cooling shade, especially if it’s taller and leafier. With this, your family and guests can take a much-needed break from the sun after a taxing swimming session.

Increases Privacy

improve your home pool privacy with artificial plants

Your pool is an excellent place to relax on a hot summer day, but it’s near impossible to unwind if you constantly feel like you’re on display. By using artificial greenery wall panels outdoors and wrapping your pool area, you will create a natural-looking barrier between you and your neighbors.

If privacy is one of your main concerns, focus on festooning the area in tall dense greenery, just like this stunning fake boxwood wall.

Adds to the Beauty

artificial plants improve your home pool area

Artificial vertical gardens can instantly transform a space from drab to fab and from dull to dazzling. Combining different types of fake greenery has the makings of a lush oasis and beckons you and your guests to admire it when taking a swim.

Plus, our products are highly customizable and enable you to create an entirely unique and personalized green wall panel with the help of vibrant Bougainvillea flower stems.

What to Consider Before Buying Fake Poolside Greenery?

Fake greenery is an investment, so you can’t go all in without considering the essential factors that determine the right type of fauxliege for you and your space. Some of these necessities include:

  • Space: Take the size of your pool area into account and establish how much space you have available for decorating. After all, you don’t want to overcrowd your pool, but you also don’t want it to look bare. For small areas, use fake vertical gardens, artificial ivy, or hanging plants.

  • Climate: The weather in your area is often pivotal to your choice of faux greenery. For example, if you live in a hot and sunny area, you’ll benefit from a product with built-in UV protection that can withstand lasting exposure and is impervious to high temperatures. Keep in mind that you might have to sacrifice your preferred style.

  • Height: Different heights of fake green wall panels fulfill separate purposes. For instance, something tall and imposing is best for privacy concerns, while something shorter is generally decorative. Many clients mix and match heights and create a compelling vista.

  • Style: The overall style and ambiance of your pool area might dictate the type of artificial greenery you can use. For some, this means tropical plants like palm trees and ferns, while for others, it’s something minimalistic and modern, like fake topiary balls.

  • Durability: Since your faux plants will sit outside exposed to harsh weather conditions, you must determine if they’re made from high-quality durable materials. If not, your decorations won’t be as green by the end of the summer and their appearance will deteriorate significantly. As a result, you’ll have to replace them much sooner than anticipated.

Finishing Thoughts

All in all, adding artificial green wall panels outdoors and around your pool will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your yard. Aside from that, you’ll also get your fair share of functional benefits like shade, privacy, and a relaxing atmosphere.

So, what should you do?

Well, why not browse through our exhaustive collection of lifelike fake greenery and give your pool area a facelift for the summer?