How to Display Artificial Hanging Plants?

Have you always loved the view of vine plants hanging from the ceiling or the windowsill?

Have you thought of any ideas about where you’d place them in your home?

And have you then walked away defeated after remembering you won’t be able to water them easily and dirt will drop on the floor?

We get it, it’s the natural progress of events… with real hanging plants.

But not with artificial hanging plants. These decor pieces bring all the beauty without the drama and the chaos of watering schedules or sunspot negotiations. Plus, the only thing they’ll drop on the floor is your visitors’ jaws. Metaphorically, of course.

The convenience of faux hanging plants is unmatched. So, if you need a little push and some inspiration on how to display artificial hanging plants, keep reading.

Why Do You Need an Artificial Hanging Plant?

faux hanging ivy bushes

Time is a luxury. Unfortunately, it’s a luxury few of us have.

But just because you don’t have much time to take care of real hanging plants doesn’t mean you should give up on your wish entirely. Artificial hanging plants can be your ideal solution, and this is why:

They’re Easy to Install 

All you need to install and hang up artificial hanging plants are a few simple tools and accessories. Namely, you’ll need a hook, a basket, or a hanger, depending on the location of your arrangement. Then, hang or drape the faux stems and enjoy your new view.

They’re Versatile

Artificial hanging plants are so distinct that you’d question how they fall within the same category. They can hang by your door, drape over your mantle, adorn your windows, or highlight a focal point in your home. We might even go as far as to say there’s a way to use them in any home - if you’re creative enough.

They’re Customizable 

If you think your faux hanging plant is missing a little something, add it. When working with these products, more is more. For example, you can add faux stems to your arrangement to enrich them and get a pop of color. In turn, this will make the plants look even fuller and more natural.

They’re Low Maintenance

Unlike their living counterpart, artificial hanging plants need very little attention to thrive. Namely, you don’t have to think about placing your arrangement close to a window to soak up the sun or create a roster for trimming and watering. On the contrary, you just need to prop it up, fluff it up, and enjoy the view. Simple enough, right?

How to Display Artificial Hanging Plants?

fake English hanging plants

And now it’s time for the meat and potatoes - displaying your artificial hanging plants - the best part of decorating with greenery.

If you’re looking for some ideas, here’s what you can do with your faux hanging garlands:

Tiered Arrangements 

If you’ve worked with us on a project before, you know we’re big fans of DIY. This is why we recommend creating your own tiered arrangement with artificial hanging plants or wall-mounted planters. All you need is a few beautiful baskets of your choice and a plan. If you want to create a cascading effect, start with smaller plants at the top and layer in bigger ones as you move down. This is also a great way to use up all your vertical space.

Ceiling Hooks

Want to go traditional? Install sturdy and secure ceiling hooks and use them to hang your fake hanging plant baskets. Keeping them out of reach will also prevent your toddlers or pets from getting their hands (or paws) on them. Plus, this floating effect does wonders for visual appeal and keeps your plants safe so they stay vibrant for years.

Floating Shelves

If you’ve been looking to make a bigger change to your space, consider installing floating shelves on your wall. Besides being a useful and practical addition on their own, shelves are also a stylish way to display your fauxliege. Arrange your fake plants on them and mix in other decorative elements like books, candles, or small paintings. This way, you’ll have room for experimentation to find the perfect balance for your room.

On an Outdoor Fence

Do you have a fenced yard? Then, you’ve found yourself the perfect spot for an artificial hanging plant display. With a unique twist on the traditional display, you can elevate a plain outdoor fence by turning it into a plant home. But, consider getting UV-resistant faux plants that are suitable for the outdoors and can brave the elements. For the best display, arrange the faux plants in a way that mimics a real plant’s growth in the wild.

Along a Staircase

If you have a boring staircase in your home, don’t ignore its potential. Add greenery by hanging artificial garlands along the railing. This way, you’ll create a stunning visual effect and bring life to an often-overlooked area. We recommend using a mix of trailing and bushy plants to soften the rough edges of the staircase. And if you’re up for it, incorporate lights into the display to up the magic factor.

On the Window Frames

Last but not least, bring the outdoors (partly) in by hanging artificial plants from the window frames. On one hand, it enhances the view from the inside, and on the other, it adds a natural element to your decor without obstructing the natural light. Plus, since your arrangement is artificial, you won’t have to worry about it fading or cracking under the sun. Make sure you experiment with different sizes and placements before deciding.

Finishing Thoughts 

Now that you understand that artificial hanging plants are a versatile way to add greenery to your space, which faux plant are you putting up first?

Out of the many recommended ways to display artificial hanging plants, you’ll be sure to find something that fits your space and personality. And if there’s a display idea we haven’t mentioned here, share it with us on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

Until then, embrace the convenience and hang those faux plants in your home. We promise you’ll be impressed by them every day for years to come.