Sample Panel of Green Tropics Artificial Vertical Garden (Small Sample) UV Resistant

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Immerse your senses in this lush, verdant artificial plant wall anytime and anywhere you wish.

Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself in the middle of a dense tropical rainforest, surrounded by captivatingly beautiful greenery? Well this is your chance to make your dreams come true - all in the comfort of your own backyard. 

This is a sample panel listing for an approximate 10inch x 10inch sample only

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The artificial vertical garden with long-lasting color

All wall panels are treated with UV protection directly inside the leaves, ensuring that your green plant wall art stays green for a long, long time. We offer a guarantee of 5 years, though we can tell you that our vibrant vertical gardens last much longer than that.

No need for endless pruning and trimming

Real plants may smell great and make the air fresher, but they're also a huge pain to maintain. The endless watering, trimming, sweeping up dead leaves, pulling out weeds, spraying insecticide, heaping on fertilizer - it all just gets too tedious at some point.

With our lifelike artificial greenery, you'll do none of that work! All you have to do is make sure it's installed properly, dust it once in a while, and maybe tie back a few leaves if it's really windy where you live. Other than that - your faux vertical garden is set for life.

We are an environmentally-conscious brand

We believe in minimizing our carbon footprint. Living plants may seem like a more eco-friendly choice at first, but our artificial vertical gardens only emit 20% of the total overall emissions of a living garden. This is because they require very little equipment to install and need almost zero maintenance.

All our fake plants are certified ISO, REACH, and ROHS compliant. They’re all thoughtfully made without any harmful chemicals.