Real Vs Artificial Green Walls

Why Are Artificial Green Walls Becoming Popular?

We all know that greenery enhances the beauty of the place. What if you are restricted with space and do not have much time to look after the plants or clean the garden area? Then there are countless ways to do it artificially. People have leaned towards artificial green wall creations to brighten their outdoor and indoor areas.

Difference Between Artificial and Real Plants

  1. Low maintenance and cost:

    A natural green wall costs much more than an artificial one. The amount spent on purchasing and upkeep of a natural plant is far more significant if you count the cost of pots, plants and soil. In contrast, artificial plants are a one-time cost.

  2. Time consumption:

    Natural plants need not be replaced from time to time as they wither; they need to be watered and looked after, kept under sunlight and tended to regularly. We need soil and constant irrigation for a living plant to survive. All these are time-consuming activities that you can eliminate with artificial green wall panels, and they are easy to install and need no time to look after.

  3. Allergy:

    Natural green walls require pesticides and insecticides for the plant’s growth but can be allergic to those prone. They have to be placed safely away from children. You can get away with such hazards by installing artificial green walls. 

How Is a Fake Green Wall Advantageous

An easy option to transform your vacant space into something lively and unique is going for an artificial green wall panel, one of the smoothest and safest alternatives to actual green walls. 

Artificial walls offer an aesthetic appeal with minimal maintenance. It needs occasional dusting and can be designed with lively-looking artificial flowers. The life-like colors and textures of the fake flowers can offer you peace of mind.  

Whether you have large open spaces or tiny little corners, you can quickly fill up that empty area using an artificial green wall panel. 

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Why Choose Us for Your Artificial Green Panels

Our artificial green walls are made with high-quality and UV-tested synthetic recyclable materials, so they last longer, and most of our products are officially fire-certified. They are all ROHS-compliant materials that are free of harmful toxins and chemicals.  

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