How an Unconventional Artificial Green Wall Idea Revitalized a Client's Poolside

In a Nutshell

  • Results:
      • Covered a drab garden wall 
      • Created an eye-catching vertical garden 
      • Provided a versatile and unconventional backdrop

    Before Our Collaboration

    poolside brick wall

    While we swoon over all our artificial green wall transformations, we must confess a special fondness for this most recent one.

    A creative client approached us with an unconventional idea to use our artificial vertical gardens. Since we adore unconventional ideas (they’re the foundation of our entire business), we were excited to partake in yet another challenging project.

    Although the client already had a sturdy wall in place, they were missing the charm. Sure, the wall was nice, but not drop-dead gorgeous. And thus the search began.

    The Problem 

    Our client in Palm Springs has a delightful poolside ready for the summer complete with comfortable lounge chairs perfect for soaking up the hot California sun.

    Their outdoor space already had the bones to become something worth turning your head for, but there was still much to be desired. Since the client and their family were planning on spending their summer days lazing by the pool, they wanted to improve the aesthetics of the space. 

    Sifting through numerous Pinterest boards and fishing for inspiration, our client discovered they’d need a bespoke solution, not a copy of something found online. Ultimately, they wanted a stylish and distinctive backdrop.

    And they were intent on getting it.

    During the Process

    installing fake vertical garden wall

    Like most Americans, our client combed through social media to source ideas. They browsed until they found a decor element that would enhance their outdoor space and cover their bland white wall. After deciding to use artificial green walls, they came across our Instagram page and the cogs started turning.

    Our clients conducted extensive research on our website and chose three different faux green wall panels for their wall - the Lush Fern Artificial Green Wall, the Dark Artificial Boxwood Wall, and the White Flowering Artificial Boxwood Wall.

    The Solution 

    installation of uv resistant outdoor plant wall

    When the client contacted us, they explained their creative idea in detail. Initially, we found it challenging to see their vision, but as with all projects, we trusted the process. The client wanted to integrate the different panels and give the appearance that they’re melting into each other.

    They didn’t want any harsh lines or visible separations between the panels. Instead, they focused on creating a fluid and continuous look. But that’s not where their creativity ended.

    Their installation featured undulating curves that added a dynamic touch to the wall. To achieve this, the client had to cut the panels in such a way that they formed smooth, wave-like patterns. Luckily, our vertical garden panels have a pliable grid that allows for custom shapes and sizes without compromising the structural integrity of the installation.

    This flexibility was essential in creating seamless transitions between each section. It also enhanced the illusion that the greenery itself was organically growing and intertwining. And following our step-by-step installation process, our client was able to successfully install the panels.

    The biggest challenge plaguing this project was the wave-like curves. They required exact measurements and a keen understanding of the panels’ moldability so that there were no noticeable edges. 

    After It’s Done

    outdoor fake green wall decoration

    We were thrilled with this transformation almost as much as our client was. It’s a unique blend of aesthetics and technical ingenuity. The project met the client’s desire for a visually seamless integration of panels but also showcased the versatility of our faux green wall panels.

    The choice of faux green walls was not made in the eleventh hour either. The fluid design warranted meticulous planning to ensure that the artificial foliage would appear lush and evenly spread and cement the illusion of a single green expanse.

    The decision to cut and arrange the panels improved the appearance of the wall and broke the monotony of the flat, cinder-block wall behind it. And even though the clients undertook the project themselves, they still found it difficult to discern where one panel ends and another begins. The shapes flow into one another and create an almost natural, rolling hill effect against an otherwise flat surface.

    The client was satisfied with the result, noting how the project looked even better than what he had envisioned.

    Next Steps

    This transformation allowed our client’s innovativeness and talent to shine through. We’re ecstatic to have lent a helping hand in the completion of this project and to have been chosen as the go-to artificial green wall supplier.

    This project shows that thinking outside the box is a rewarding and unforgettable process that leads to remarkable results.

    If you also have a poolside to adorn, read about some tips on making the most of it, and contact us for ideas or a quote.

    Share your thought process with us (no matter how crazy!) and we’ll get to it right away.

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