How a Green Wall Became a Feature for Days and Nights

In a Nutshell

Boston Ivy Artificial Green Wall

  • Results:
    • Created a feature wall in front of the home
    • Made a focal point for both daytime and nighttime
    • Included decorative pieces in a largely utilitarian area

Before Our Collaboration 

A client had been on a renovation spree for a while and aimed to create a home he loved according to his own terms. While things were shaping up well, the client’s exterior walls were bare and uninviting, causing him to feel like the space was incomplete.

The client felt that despite the functional purpose of these walls (privacy), the space lacked warmth. The plain walls contributed little to the client’s desired aesthetic and were strictly utilitarian, i.e. serving as a route without offering any visual interest.

The Problem

According to a study from 2023, living near greenery may add up to 2.5 years to your life. This client seems to have taken that advice to heart. While he may not have been able to move closer to a vast green space, he thought it wise to bring that green space closer to him.

As a result, the client sought a solution to enhance the visual appeal of this space and bring more life and vibrancy to the area. He wanted the path leading up to the entrance to be more engaging and pleasant, so he thought of ways to address these needs.

During the Process

installation of faux Boston ivy

After careful deliberation and days of looking at inspirational photos online, the client came across our website. He began learning about the benefits of artificial green walls and how he could use them to his advantage.

In the beginning, he didn’t know how to make the most out of a green wall, so he contacted our team and asked us a few questions. He sent us photos of the wall he wanted to cover and we came back with a flurry of ideas centered around two of our most beloved faux green walls - the Ultra-Luxury Lush Spring and the Boston Ivy.

Luckily, the client liked the idea and we sent over the tools and the builders to make it all happen.

The Solution

installing faux lush green panels

One of the most important things for this client was to have a focal point set against a minimalist backdrop that captured attention. While many clients decide on the DIY route because of the easy installation, this client wanted an expert team of builders to do the job due to time constraints.

The client wanted our team to install 2 panels of the Ultra-Luxury Lush Spring on separate protruding parts of the wall to frame the Boston Ivy panel in the middle. We thought that was a great idea, as the subtle bulging design would make the faux green walls stand out even more.

Our team installed the panels and fluffed the foliage. But that’s not where the client stopped. He called over another crew to install lighting underneath the panel and enhance the wall’s charm that much more.

The warm lights sat right underneath the 2 Ultra-Luxury Lush Spring panels and cast an ambient glow across the fauxliege. It highlighted different textures and created subtle shadows that added depth and dimension to the display.

As dusk falls and natural light diminishes, the interplay of light and shadow still brings out the intricate details of the faux plants. This makes the wall come alive in the evening.

This client’s creative vision proves how incorporating lights and other decorative elements around a faux green wall can heighten its impact. Uplights or spotlights accentuate specific sections of the panel and ensure your foliage doesn’t fall into oblivion when the moon comes out.

In many cases, string lights or fairy lights woven through the foliage can also bring about beautiful results.

After It’s Done

artificial green lush panels during nigthtime

In the end, our client was delighted with the transformation. Coming into the project with a clear idea and concrete requirements resulted in a display that exceeded his own expectations.

He mentioned how realistic the faux green wall looked and how impactful those few personal touches were. The lighting played a crucial role in this transformation and improved the end result that much more.

Of course, the change extended beyond aesthetics. It enhanced the experience of moving through the space and provided something for visitors to look at instead of bare brick walls.

All in all, the successful completion of this project proves that even the most utilitarian spaces can become inviting. All they need is a little thoughtful design and creativity.

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