Do Artificial Green Walls Have a Place at Your Event?

Before walking into a birthday party, you know exactly what you’ll see - balloons, cake, hanging signs, screaming children. Most events are cookie-cutter, regardless of how hard you try to make yours stand out. But if you’re lucky, you can add a few show-stopping decorations without spending a small fortune!

Enter artificial green walls - the latest and greatest trend in event decoration that’s taking the industry by storm (and doing it fabulously). Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or planning an extravagant wedding, there’s a fake green wall suited to your needs. But before you start scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration, let’s talk about the theory and practicality of it all.

Should You Use Fake Green Walls at Events?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is still yes, but we’ll dive deeper into why artificial green walls are a fantastic choice for any event.

If you’re new to the wondrous world of artificial greenery, you’ll find their versatility and customizability a strong advantage. For example, at Designer Plants we offer a variety of foliage options, from lush tropical leaves to delicate boxwood with white flowering, each made with the utmost care and attention and designed to make your guests swoon.

artificial greenery event stand

But the benefits of artificial green walls transcend mere aesthetics. Unlike natural greenery, fauxliege requires minimal maintenance and upkeep, making it the perfect option for busy event planners and overwhelmed hosts. Who wants to deal with swarms of bees when taking Instagram-worthy photos, anyway?

Aside from this, fake green walls are impervious to harsh weather conditions and can withstand different environments, from hot and humid outdoor venues to air-conditioned indoor spaces. So, are they not the ideal choice for year-round events? Just keep in mind to only use faux green walls if you’re adept at dealing with boundless compliments!

Which Events Would Benefit From Faux Greenery?

Okay, you know you want a fake green wall at your event. But would it fit the ambiance? Where would the fauxliege even go?

Here are some suggestions to think through, although this is by no means a complete list:

  • Birthdays: Use playful designs on your fake green wall and hang cartoon animal cutouts and fun patterns for a child’s party. For adult birthdays, use sophisticated modern geometric patterns and intricate items, such as artificial green wall discs.

  • Engagements: Since green walls foster a romantic atmosphere, add fake flower stems to your wall and create a stunning backdrop for photos and help set the mood for the occasion.

  • Weddings: Fauxliege contributes to a dreamy ambiance and aids in creating a captivating backdrop for the ceremony. For a polished look that exudes elegance, opt for a sleek and modern design, like this lush faux vertical garden.

  • Anniversaries: A memorable atmosphere is easy to do with an artificial vertical garden by hanging personalized messages or designs to celebrate a couple’s long love and commitment. Plus, the photoshoot in front of the wall will never go out of style!

  • Graduation Parties: As a celebration of achievement, a faux green wall can be an ideal background for graduation-themed decor like graduation caps and diplomas. In addition, it would be the perfect spot for the graduate to take photos with the family.

  • Baby Showers: Artificial green wall panels can infuse any space with calmness and help the mother-to-be and her guests feel at ease. Prop the wall behind your gift display or sitting area and watch as it transforms the entire space.

  • Quinceañeras: Fake vertical gardens with traditional floral designs like these lavender-inspired panels are the key to providing a timeless appeal to a young girl’s coming of age and creating an enthralling focal point.

  • Holiday Events: Holiday-themed events call for colors an patterns that match the occasion. So, a New Year’s celebration can incorporate a fake green wall with striking patterns, while a moss wall will look stunning across from a Christmas tree for a Christmas party.

How to Use Artificial Green Walls at Your Event?

artificial green wall behind company logo

And now onto the tips - how do you make the most out of your faux green walls? Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just have to be a pretty focal point.

As Decorations

The first and most obvious use of an artificial green wall at events is as decoration. Since faux vertical gardens encapsulate nature in one panel and add color, they will make any space more inviting and intimate. If you have a lot of empty space, fauxliege can fill up flat and desolate areas and create a more visually appealing environment.

As Partitions

For those expecting a big crowd at their event, an artificial boxwood hedge will come in clutch. Aside from guiding guests to where you want them to go and preventing them from wandering into areas you don’t want them to, a faux hedge can divide a larger space into smaller ones and fashion a cozier atmosphere.

As Backgrounds

If you don’t want your fake green walls to be the focus, you can use them as a background since they make stunning photo walls and product or gift displays. Your guests will want and expect an Instagrammable place to strike a pose, and you should give them that. Adding lights or other decorative elements (like neon signs) will make for a spectacular photo op (if you’re ready for the influx of followers).

As Privacy Protectors

When throwing a party in your backyard or at a commercial space a little too close to a street, privacy will likely be a concern. But if you use artificial hedges as a barrier between your event and the outside world, you can foster seclusion and exclusivity. After all, you wouldn’t want random passers-by to join in on the fun uninvited!

The Takeaway

If you’ve taken anything out of this comprehensive deep dive, we hope it’s the fact that you can and should use artificial green walls when planning events and throwing parties. Fauxliege has a place anywhere and everywhere, whether it be a traditional setting or a modern space.

So don’t hesitate, make your event one-of-a-kind by contacting us today.