5 Best Artificial Hanging Garlands for the Holidays

Have you decked the halls with boughs of holly… or artificial hanging garlands?

We’re counting the days until the most magical day of the year!

But as the festive spirit makes the rounds, you don’t have much time left to put those finishing touches on your holiday decor. If you’re like us, more is always better when it comes to Christmas.

So in this merry little guide, we’re unwrapping our top 5 favorite artificial hanging garlands to spruce up your setup last-minute. We’ll tell you the what, the why, and the how, so you can swing into the world of festive foliage brimming with knowledge.

Ready to sleigh your decor?

What Are the Best Faux Hanging Garlands for the Holidays?

Decorating with plants is a fantastic option for any season, not just Christmas. But the watering can and the worries about wilting can quickly dampen the holiday cheer.

This year, try versatile, fuss-free artificial greenery with the effect of real plants and without any maintenance. Here’s what you can pick:


Artificial Two Tone (Bright Tipped) Ivy Hanging Bush

button fern artificial plant

Our Artificial Two Tone (Bright Tipped) Ivy Hanging Bush measures 31 inches and is your ticket to holiday enchantment. It dons vibrant green hues adorned with bright tips and captures the essence of a real ivy bush. Like all Designer Plants products, this faux hanging garland contains high-quality materials that guarantee durability and resilience indoors and out. 

Drape the fake ivy leaves along mantels or adorn banisters and doorways. Or, tie more stems together with ribbons and bows and weave wreathes as centerpieces. You can even get creative and incorporate it into tablescapes or outdoor displays. This product is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Artificial Mixed Yellow and Green Hanging Eucalyptus Vine

yellow and green eucalyptus hanging plant

With a length of 31 inches, the Artificial Mixed Yellow and Green Hanging Eucalyptus Vine intertwines yellow and green foliage and crafts a visual spectacle. This faux vine mimics the delicateness of eucalyptus leaves and preserves its beauty year-round.

Suspend the fake eucalyptus from ceilings, drape it over furniture, or let it cascade elegantly from a ledge. Its flexible stems allow for adjustments, while its vibrancy and lifelike appearance will accompany you through the season.

Artificial Light Green Hanging Button Fern Plant

faux button fern hanging garland

Button ferns have been growing in popularity over the years, but they demand a lot of attention. By using a faux alternative, your decorations are here to stay.

Crafted with durability in mind and using top-quality materials, this Artificial Light Green Hanging Button Fern Plant boasts UV resistance and makes a great choice for indoor and outdoor settings. It will grace your holiday gatherings and withstand sunlight exposure without losing freshness. If you’re bold, you can even hang it on your Christmas tree or mix it with other foliage in festive arrangements.

Artificial Pothos/Devil’s Ivy Bush

fake devils ivy bush

The natural elegance of the Artificial Pothos or Devil’s Ivy Bush will be the perfect seasonal addition to your holiday decor. With its rich leaves and lifelike detailing, our faux pothos stem looks great perched on a mantel, nestled in a basket, or woven into a larger holiday arrangement. Wherever it is, it will amplify the charm of your space.

This stem has vivid color variations and delicate vein patterns that ensure an authentic appearance. The Devil’s Ivy is an ideal choice for packed holiday schedules.

Ultra Luxury Large Lush Tropical Artificial Hanging Fern Ball

artificial luxury hanging fern ball

The Ultra Luxury Large Lush Tropical Artificial Hanging Ball with Faux Roots features lifelike foliage that’s bound to make a lasting impression. This product exceeds the highest standards and proves it with quality and unwavering attention to detail.

Since this faux fern ball is only suitable for indoor spaces, it can complement your other festive decorations. The artificial leaves are 20 to 23 inches long, while the draping imitation roots and chain reach a total length of about 60 inches. It’s prominent, but we promise you won’t get enough of it.

How to Hang Artificial Plants From the Ceiling?

artificial hanging garlands installed on ceiling

If you think your holiday decor can use some artificial hanging bushes, here are a few things to consider:

  • Inspect the Space: Take a close look at your ceiling or another area you wish to adorn. Assess the material - is it concrete, drywall, or plaster? This will guide your choice of hooks (if needed) and help you make the right decision for structural integrity. For example, concrete does well with metal hooks, but if it’s drywall, you’ll have to be a bit more careful.
  • Choose Your Spot: Arguably the most important decision you’ll have to make is choosing the place to hang your artificial bushes. During Christmas, every space shines. But even when the season passes, your faux hanging garland will still be there. So pick a nice spot like above a reading nook, by a window, or close to the door to help the plant put its best leaf forward.
  • Install the Hooks: Once you’ve chosen the spot, it’s time to install the hooks or hangers. To do so, weigh your plants, especially if you’re bunching them together in baskets. For lighter ones, simple ceiling hooks might suffice, but for heavier ones, use heavy-duty hooks or anchors for proper support. Measure carefully to see that your plant hangs at the desired height and level.
  • Ensure Its Stability: Don’t leave before you’ve ensured the stability and integrity of the hooks. After all, you don’t want your plant falling and making a mess in your room. Once you install the hooks, tug on them lightly to confirm that the attachment is secure and that your hanging garland won’t tilt or sway. Regularly inspect these these, even after the holiday passes.
  • Conclusion

    It’s time to light up your home with seasonal joy.

    As you finesse the placements, remember that it’s not just about the plants. During Christmas, the important thing is the feeling these decorations will bring to you and the people you love most.

    Wrap your space in warmth and cheer and browse our collection of artificial hanging bushes to make your home a haven worth celebrating.